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What Are The Best Adult Acne Treatments?

 What Are The Best Adult Acne Treatments?


If you think that your adult acne treatments are going to be found in the commercials on MTV, you’re wrong. Adult acne can be treated much differently than teenage acne is. The cause of it is much different, so the treatment differs as well. You may be able to get some results by raiding your teen’s medicine cabinet, but those aren’t going to treat the problem at its source.

Teen acne is caused by raging puberty hormones, adult acne is not. The most common causes of adult acne are stress and environment. Stress triggers different hormones than teens struggle with, and create acne in a much more sporadic way. Rather than a breakout all over your face, you’re going to have a pimple here and there. The most easy adult acne treatment is to alleviate stress. Take a walk, spend some time with your kids, do whatever it takes to really calm you down.

Your environment is another cause of adult acne. This can be everything from your bedding to your makeup. We do lots of things that aren’t the best for our skin, and it seems that these things affect us much more as adults than they did while we were kids. One of the best adult acne treatments is to frequently wash your pillow cases and sheets. These act like sponges while you sleep and soak up the oil (that comes from the stress hormones) and smears it all over your face during the night. This is one of the leading causes of body acne. Buying a few extra sets of sheets can help save you from doing laundry 5 times a week.

Another cheap adult acne treatment is to not wear any makeup every chance you get. It’s ironic that many women use makeup to cover their adult acne, while the makeup is making the acne worse. Your skin needs to have air getting to the pores, and makeup prevents this from happening. Give the blush a break on the weekends and every day that you don’t have to dress up. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll have time for a new relaxing hobby!

Adult acne treatments are easy, and doing things like relaxing will help out much more than your skin. The worst thing you can do is to put it off any more. Get up, go for a walk, or just do something that will help you get clear skin.