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How To Decide Which Back Acne Treatment Is Best For You

 How To Decide Which Back Acne Treatment Is Best For You


Figuring out a back acne treatment that will clear up the skin on your body is actually very easy.  There are two ways to attack this problem (which we’ll go into detail below), change your soap or change your sleeping habits.  Both are remarkably easy, and should get you the results that you want in a short period of time.  Back acne is an embarrassing problem, but luckily treating is very easy.

You have to first understand that your skin needs to “breathe” for it to be healthy.  That means that it should stay relatively dry throughout the day and night.  The air and dryness helps it maintain itself, and extra sweat and moisture will lead to your pores becoming clogged and back acne will form.  So the easiest and best back acne treatment is going to be to get naked!  Sleep without your clothes so that your skin can breathe and repair itself throughout the night.  Showering before bed, with an acne body wash, will also help reduce the amount of oil on your skin before you jump into the sack.

Sleeping without clothes on causes another problem though, your sheets will act like a sponge that spreads the oil from your face and body all over the place as you sleep.  In order to prevent that, you need to change your sheets frequently.  How often you change them depends on the severity of your body acne, it can be every day for severe cases and weekly for the more mild ones.  I know that washing your sheets every day is a pain in the ass, so if you head to the store and buy a few sets of cheap sheets to have on hand you can have multiple fresh sets to change into.  Being diligent about changing your sheets is definitely the most challenging part of back acne treatments, but it’s still not too tough!

The soap that you’re currently using can also be contributing to your bacne.  Many traditional soaps leave behind a residue on your skin that can clog up your pores.  To prevent that from happening, use an acne body wash!  These have many of the same active ingredients that regular acne treatments do, but they’re mixed into a body wash for you use.  If you’re also dealing with acne on your face it’s important that you don’t get your body wash on your face.  When you compound the ingredients in the body wash with those in the face wash, you’re going to over medicate your face and dry it out.

Treatment for back acne is much easier and low maintenance that those for facial acne, and sleeping without clothes is much more fun than the alternative!  Use the simple back acne treatments that I’ve outlined here and you’ll be bacne free in no time!

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