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How To Choose An Acne Treatment System

 How To Choose An Acne Treatment System


Choosing the right acne treatment system for your skin type is very important.  If you end up with one that is too harsh or too mild for your skin you’re not going to get the results that you want, no matter how you use it!  It took me using two different products before I was able to get the one that really worked for me, and now I want to share what I learned from that with you so that you can make a good decision when shopping for acne treatment systems.

First, you have to determine which skin type you have.  The common types of skin are oily, dry, and balanced.  There are also combinations of these skin types that you can have on your face.  Some people will have dry skin on their cheeks and chin, but oily in the T-zone.  Also, factor in how sensitive your skin is to new treatments and what harsh remedies do to it.

Once you have a good idea of what your skin type is you can begin researching acne treatment systems.  To use myself as an example, I first bought ProActiv and figured that if it worked for everyone else, it should work great for me.  I was very wrong!  I didn’t have really bad acne, but my skin was oily and able to take harsh treatments.  After going through the entire system (all of the bottles) my skin was exactly the same as it was before!  I was back to square one and out fifty bucks.  I went online and started reading reviews about how people with mild and sensitive skin were getting great results, but those with oily and tough skin weren’t.  So I started reading reviews of Acne Free, which was giving people with skin like mine great results.  I used it, and it worked!

What you can take away from the example is that there is a lot of power in user reviews for acne treatment systems.  I’m not talking about the spammy ones, but the real ones that you can find on the web.

Get a good idea of an acne treatment system that will work for your skin type and give it a try.  The thing is, you really have to use it as directed.  Don’t skip a day, and stick to the regiment – even if it doesn’t work right away.  When I used Acne Free I had a monster breakout about a week after starting, but it immediately cleared up and the acne never came back.  I stuck with the program and it paid off!