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Home Remedies For Acne Treatment

 Home Remedies For Acne Treatment


Nobody understands our skin better than Mother Nature. Studies show that skin problems can be more effectively solved using home remedies. Home remedies for acne is no different, it not only works faster but also save the skin from harmful side effects of the chemicals.

Acne is a problem which occurs mostly due to over production of oil by the sebaceous glands which clog the pores and thus cause inflammation. Keeping the skin clean is the first step towards countering acne. But cleaning with normal soap and water is not enough for removing the dirt lying under the pores.

Cleaning the face dipped in mint or neem (Azadirachta Indica) water (water boiled with mint or neem leaves) is one of the best ways to get acne free skin. Both mint and neem (because of its antiseptic properties) are accepted as the best home remedies for acne.

Another home remedy for acne that acts by cutting down oil production of sebaceous glands is lemon. The astringent properties of the lemon and its vitamin C content, both are great for acne prone skin. At the same time the mild bleaching effects of lemon is very useful in treating acne scars. Lemon juice should always be used diluted with some other ingredient, preferably honey. Two drops of honey mixed in a tea-spoon of lemon juice is a time-tested home remedy for acne.

Cucumber has a natural skin-cooling effect. Cucumber juice is a great toner during summers. It has astringent properties as well as works as a mild bleach. The same is true of tomato which is a great home remedy for acne because it controls oil production by tightening the pores and is also a very effective scar remover. So either of them can be mixed with Fuller’s Earth to make a paste. It should be applied on a freshly washed skin and left for at least 20 minutes. Washing off with water should be followed by neem water application. It is the best available face pack for acne prone skin. This home remedy for acne scars works effectively on any ugly marks left by acne.

Beautiful skin can only be maintained from inside. There are home remedies for acne treatment that prevent acne from within by countering the free radicals which pollute our blood. One such infallible home remedy for acne is Turmeric.

Turmeric contains a potent anti-oxidant called ‘Curcumin’ which works as a natural blood purifier. Consuming a slice of raw turmeric with honey, first thing in the morning is a permanent protection against acne. Teenagers who already suffer from acne generally aggravate the problem with their wrong life style. Making a habit of starting the day with honey and turmeric will counter the bad effects of too much of junk food and give them glowing acne free skin by cleansing blood. Local application of turmeric mixed with sandalwood paste is also a good home remedy for acne scars.

One of the best advantages of using home remedies for treating acne is that they are available at home and not expensive. Unlike the medicines available at the market they do not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives and thus do not damage the epidermis of the skin. Home remedies for acne are also naturally hypo-allergenic which is vital for acne prone skin as it is very prone to rash.

However while preparing homemade face packs and lotions cautions should be observed for cleanliness to prevent any infection. To ensure maximum results the ingredients have to be fresh. So to fight acne do not go far, just venture into your kitchen for a glowing acne-free skin. Hope this article on ‘Home Remedies For Acne’ helps you keep a glowing and clear skin.