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Getting Rid Of Acne On Back

 Getting Rid Of Acne On Back


Living with acne on the back is tough.  It’s embarrassing to deal with leaving your shirt on during pool parties, or any sort of clothing optional event.  The good news is that getting rid of acne on your back is pretty easy, but it won’t happen over night.  In this post I want to offer some easy tips so that you can be backne free in no time!

The first thing to do is treat it like you would acne on your face.  This means that you use an acne body wash or other medicated soap to tackle the problem.  These soaps and body washes have many of the same active ingredients that an acne face wash does, but are a bit less concentrated to prevent irritating the unaffected areas of your body (and other important places!).  Since these products are normally geared towards guys, ladies may have a hard time finding a scent that they like but keep in mind that you’re only using this body wash until the acne on your back is gone.

When using an acne body wash, be sure that you don’t get too much on your face if you also are treating facial acne.  The ingredients that are in the body wash are similar to those in your face wash and when they get mixed together it might be too concentrated for your face, which leads to excessive dryness and possibly more breakouts.

Another easy step to take is to spend as much time as possible without clothes on the affected area.  You probably don’t want to do this in public if the acne on back is bad, but you can certainly do it at home.  Sleeping without a shirt/pants/whatever is the easiest way to do this.  Being free from clothes will allow the skin to “breathe” and let the moisture that gets trapped between your clothes and skin to evaporate and help your bacne take care of itself.

Sleeping without clothes poses another problem.  Your sheets will take the oil that’s in your skin and distribute around the rest of your body and cause more acne.  To prevent that, wash your sheets every couple of days or have a bunch of extra sets to swap out.  This can be a pain, but it’s a very effective way to get rid of acne on the back.

You don’t have to live with acne on your back, legs, chest, or anywhere for that matter.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll be bacne free fast!