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Choosing an Acne Remedy

 Choosing an Acne Remedy


When choosing an acne remedy there are two things you must have; a quick remedy and a long term treatment.  The quick remedy is perfect for when acne pops up before something important (like it always does) and the long term treatment is your plan to be free of acne.  Figuring out which is right for you will take some time, but with all of the options available there’s one out there for you.

There are three types of acne remedies, and all have equal merit and similar results.  The key to getting the results that you want is to stick with a plan once you buy into it.  For most people it doesn’t matter what the remedy is, they’ll get good results from just about any treatment.  The four different acne remedies are OTC treatments, home remedies, and natural remedies.  We’ll take a look at these a little closer so you can determine which is going to be the best for you and your skin.

OTC Treatments

Over the counter acne treatments are the most common fast acne treatment.  The key to these acne treatments is to find one that cleans your skin without drying it out too bad.  Dry skin doesn’t equal effective acne treatment, and there’s no reason to put yourself through more agony with the pain and irritation that dry skin brings.  As soon as you find the one that you can stick with, stay with it!  The ingredients in most acne treatments are the same, you just found one that has the right concentration of these ingredients.

Acne treatment systems like Acne Free work great, and the same rules apply about sticking to them.  Keep in mind that these are much more powerful medications than the usual cream or face wash, so some drying of the skin is to be expected but it should clear within a week.  Acne Free is notorious for this, and many people give up on it because of it and never see the results they would have had if they stuck to it.

Home Remedies For Acne

If you spend some time looking around the web, you’ll find thousands of different home remedies for acne.  Most of them will never work, even with a miracle.  On the other hand, there are a few that work great.  Even if you don’t find your acne miracle cure, you’re going to at least get a few laughs from how absurd many of them are.

Each person’s skin type will determine how effective they are, but there’s one that I found that could help anyone who suffers from acne.  This home remedy is so simple, I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it!  Simply change your pillowcase every couple of days, or sheets if you suffer from body acne.  Your pillowcase acts like a sponge while you sleep, soaking up all of the oils and grime on your skin and smearing it around all throughout the night.  Even a freshly washed face will still transfer oils, and the grime from the last few nights will be waiting to get on your clean face.  To prevent yourself from doing laundry everyday, buy a few sets of pillowcases.

Natural Acne Remedies

The easiest natural acne remedy is to change your diet.  When your diet consists of vegetables instead of meat and bread, you’re going to have clear skin.  It’s really hard to eat poorly when fruit, nuts, and veggies are mainly what you eat.  Backing that diet up with at least a half gallon of water per day will make sure that your skin stays acne free and radiant.

There are also lots of natural acne treatments on the market.  These fight your acne with plant based ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.  These are the perfect answer for people who have very sensitive skin.  Some of them are even organic, which will prevent the toxins from pesticides landing in your pores.  With these treatments you probably won’t see as fast of results as you would with traditional methods, but you’re doing your body and the planet a